Day 51: Port Angeles to Forks WA: 60 miles

Pictures to be added later. I will have some time during the drive home, and will add them. Check back later.

We left our hotel after a carb only breakfast, and headed out on our last full day of touring. We had a room booked already in Forks, which is usually a bad idea in the world of unpredictable unsupported bicycle touring. We are out of time is now or never. I have to head back to work soon. Time is up! One last push.

We struggled for the first 30 miles, it was mostly uphill, cutting across the Olympic peninsula. The road was great for much fo the day, but heavy traffic. Near Lake Crescent, we had some short glimpses of the Rain Forests that cover much of the peninsula. It is so very regretful that we blow past these neat hiking locations and will not have the time or opportunity to explore some of the most amazing wild lands that our country has remaining. Oh well, maybe another time.

After the beautiful and blue (glacier runoff from Mount Olympus) waters of Lake Cresent, we had to climb over the main hills that divide the peninsula. We hit elevations over 1000 feet, which was pretty rough after 30 miles of already hilly terrain. The weather was perfect however, and we had averaged over 9mph at this point....not bad considering the climbing and headwind.

After the climb, the road and terrain changed to a perfectly straight and smooth mild downhill, with a sporadic tailwind. We flew along at 15mph or more, with little effort (except the occasions where the wind switched for a few minutes). Blowing past historic, outlook, and entertaining stops, we made great time. Sadly, bike touring isn't as enjoyable when hurrying, but 60 miles had to be covered.....and we were excited to get to Forks.

We stopped at the 40 mile mark, after 2pm, for lunch at Bear Cafe for an overpriced and under-quality meal. Food on the coast here is rediculously expensive. We were famished, having covered 40 fairly rough miles on very littie grub. After shelling out over 50 bucks for some second rate sandwiches, we hit the road and blasted down to forks....finishing the last 20 miles in a bit over an hour.

We arrived in forks and made a straight line for the Welcome to Forks sign. We all skid to a stop in front of the sign jumping up and down and hugging. TJ may have done a little dance, I dunno.

We found our hotel, and soon after Dee arrived. Our ride home....boy that makes the end of the journey hit hard when you see the U-haul pull up. Yikes.

We all ate together for another overpriced meal. 77 bucks for some sandwiches this time! Oh man, this area is going to bankrupt us!

Tomorrow we are getting up early to ride the final 18 miles to the ocean. We will dip our tires, then hop in the van for the long haul home. It has been an amazing journey; the thought of it ending is truly we try not to think about it.

On a lighter note....I am not sure TJ knew what he was signing up for in this relationship.....biking across the country.

60 miles (2239 total)